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LCCN: 202001181 It looks like it's possible to get the artwork online. A: The website you mention is not the official website, but an artist's project that uses parts of the picture to train some software. (I never saw the artist, but the manual is online.) Q: Image contains text from column other than text column I have a table with 2 columns: image, text. Now I want to write a query that will extract from the table all the rows where the image contains some specific text from the text column. I guess I could do something like that: SELECT * FROM myTable WHERE image CONTAINS text The problem with this solution is that it is able to extract the images containing some text if the text is in the same row as the image. But is it possible to do something like that if I want to find the images that contain some text not in the same row, but from the same table? EDIT: Something like this: text IN ('foo','bar') Try this. AND text IN ('foo','bar') Is it possible to speed up rotation in 3D scene? So, I'm building a 3D engine in LibGDX. I've already got my engine pretty good, but there's one problem. There's an event which is triggered when you rotate the object you're looking at, right after you left click on it. It works perfectly and looks awesome, but as the object is rotated, the timing of when it gets to that event is different every time, depending on the speed you're rotating it, so you end up with the camera looking at the exact same point of the object, but from different angles every time. I'm rotating the object with something like this: if(Gdx.input.isLeftClicked()) { entity.rotateAroundX(2, 1f); } My question is, is it possible to make this smooth, so it doesn't look like a glitchy speed up in the rotation, and also, can the timing of when the event




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Herold Innere Medizin 2014 Pdf Download

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