Our Collaboration with SATA CommHealth

From October to December 2020, AhMah’s Legacy is collaborating with SATA CommHealth to help raise funds for the seniors and vulnerable here in Singapore. SATA CommHealth is an Institution of Public Character (IPC) charity organisation that actively promotes lifelong health in the community through its integrated care and charitable programmes for more than 70 years.

In light of the current COVID-19 situation, SATA CommHealth is trying to raise more funds to be able to reach out to even more seniors and vulnerable in the community. Many of the beneficiaries are unable to leave their own homes to seek the medical treatment they need. As such, SATA CommHealth has put in place a few services to help reach out to these people, ensuring that they get the medical care they need.

One such programme would be the Doctors-On-Wheels (DOW) initiative. DOW is a free/subsidized medical treatment for the disadvantaged seniors and vulnerable within the community. A team of nurses and a doctor will go on-site to provide them with the medical services they need.

Another programme would be their Homecare services. This service consists of Home Medical, Home Nursing and Home Personal Care to help address the needs and demands of the immobile, homebound and physically disadvantaged. This medical service is also available for post-surgery and post stroke patients who have been discharged from the hospitals. This is to ensure that they have the rehabilitation and therapy they need in the comfort of their own homes. Additionally, the elderly who might be too ill to take care of themselves or even do basic daily tasks are assessed and provided the relevant nursing services.

As AhMah's Legacy was stemmed from our founder's love from her grandma, this collaboration is important to her and to AhMah's Legacy as it is for us to give back to the people in need. The elderly has suffered a lot during the Pandemic and it is our duty to help and ensure that they have the necessary aids to bring them through their old age!

As we visited the SATA CommHealth HQ, we are surprised by the amount of facilities they had to help the needy. We knew that they were a charity organization that was established, and we only want our viewers to know that we are giving back to an organization that we trust. We also appreciate how transparent they are when they talked about how our donation can help the elderly.

SATA CommHealth is dedicated to bringing medical service to those in need. You can read more about SATA CommHealth’s Community Programmes at

​If you do wish to donate, check out their campaigns:

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